Under the Foreign National Trading Policy, exporters are required to hold a Registration-cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC) in order to avail of benefits. This certificate not only helps exporters in availing benefits but also serves as a reference to Customs and Excise. Export Promotion Councils/Commodity board/Development authority or other competent authority as prescribed in FTP or HBP Vol 1 issue the RCMC.

The RCMC, issued for a duration of five years, is a membership certificate provided by Export Promotional Councils (EPCs) or Commodity Boards of India to exporters. It acts as proof of registration with the council/Board.

RCMC is mandatory for individuals who are:

i) Seeking authorization to import/export restricted items, or

ii) Applying for any benefit or concession under the Foreign Trade Policy (FTP), such as duty drawback, duty credit scrips, etc.

The RCMC certificate is required for various reasons, including seeking authorization to export (or import) restricted items, claiming benefits under the Foreign Trade Policy, and accessing benefits offered by the Customs and Central Excise authorities.